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Certifiably qualified or qualifiedly certified?

Written by maryp posted on Monday, March 10th, 2008

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Is is just me, or is that word “Certified”, so overused it’s almost becoming cliche. In some cases it can even create some confusion among consumers seeking a repair shop.

In the U.S., the Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, (ASE), is the Nationally recognized Automotive testing foundation since 1972. An automotive technician that has his, (or her) credentials with ASE have spent years in the field. But, they have also studied, tested and passed the tests prior to becoming “ASE Certified”. A “Master ASE Certified”, is the top tier of this certification. Once one has achieved the distinction of becoming a Master ASE Certified, re-testing and recertification is mandatory to keep the title. Being credentialed with ASE is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of a technician, if they choose to go this professional route.

A tech can have years of BMW experience and even be credentialed by BMW, and at the same time be ASE Certified.

A client asked me last week, “why don’t you say that you are “BMW Certified?”. No, that would imply that we are a dealership, (not), and would also cause confusion with the public. Of course, our goal is to lessen the confusion, not create more.

But, we are BMW qualified, and that is very important to all of you BMW and MINI owners out there, who prefer the autonomy and personalized attention that you get from an independent service facility. However, if you are still covered under the “free” aka “pre-paid” maintenance program with your dealership, the only way to get the “free-stuff” is to go back there. But, this is America, and you always have a choice. How cool is that!

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