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What you can do to protect the environment

Keep your car maintained, the air cleaner, and pass that smog test! When you visit The Driving Machine, we will check your BMW to be sure you are getting the most for your money.

Maintain your vehicle for optimum miles per gallon of gas.

  • Your tires need to be inflated properly for best gas consumption.
  • Replace spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters when necessary.
  • Have your A/C system checked for leaks.

Environmental Awards

PlaqueThe Driving Machine has recently been awarded the Bay Area Green Business Designation. This Green certification has been earned after inspection of the shop and it’s business practices, by Santa Clara County.

“We have always adhered to sound, responsible environmental practices at The Driving Machine”, said Jim Payne, “but this designation is a way for the community to know more about us and our efforts. We are the only repair shop in Cupertino to receive this designation, at this time, and we are very honored.”

The Driving Machine was honored at the Cupertino City Council Meeting on April 5, 2011.