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News from the Team

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

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Dog ShowAxel continues to thrive in the competitive atmosphere and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead. But, for the past few months, the tales (pun intended) of Axel are somewhat less active these days as he takes a breather from dog show season. One of his and Dutch’s favorite things is to go to Carmel. There, they can strut their stuff on the sidewalks and stop traffic wherever they go. They have such a beautiful presence about them. Gorgeous dogs, they are! Loving care from Rick and his wife, Mary, guarantees Happy Dogs.

William, one of our Master Techs and a great drummer, had a chance to play a bit last weekend. We love it when he shows us his old videos of him playing in a few different bands. As a man of many talents, he brews beer too.

We continue to get rave reviews from clients who have used Brad’s detail service. He is here on a part-time basis and perhaps he has given you a drive home after dropping off your German auto. For those of you who don’t know, Brad has been the best at auto detailing in our area for decades.

Fernando is attending school, making very good grades as he works with us on a daily basis. Way to go, Fernando.

Daniel stays very busy being a great Dad to two very fine young men when he is not here taking care of your car.

Ricky, another Master Tech, came to us in December to add his talents to our team. We are so glad  he is with us, and we all enjoy his great personality as well as his skill set.

Jim and I enjoy driving on the coast whenever we have a chance. There is no better way to see our Golden State than a leisurely drive on a weekend to some of the most scenic places in our great land. It is great to live in the Bay Area.

My ABS light came on in the ’98 328i and now I need it checked out (maybe a repair)! Darn – you know that feeling. . .

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