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Opinions galore: can you tell truth from lies?

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

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Who rates the Internet “rating” companies? The number of rating services on the Web is becoming outrageous. Not just the number, but the relentless push for market share, which means targeting someone like us. We are bombarded all day long, with e-mails, phone calls, wanting us to pay for “exposure”. Good exposure, but also fraudulent exposure on the Web. This is at the same time we are being told to “adapt” to the new social networking and ante up.

There are countless review websites that allow anything to be said, whether it is accurate, or truthful, completely false, appropriate or inappropriate. Even ones business listing can be inaccurate, and there’s not much anyone can do about it. It’s free speech, after all!

In direct contrast to these review sites, the work at a quality shop is based on nothing other than facts. We base our work on the science of automotive engineering and over 30 years of experience with BMW. We take responsibility for everything that we, (and our techs) do all day long. We have a responsibility to every client, with every word that we speak, every aspect of testing a component, or written word or specs, or estimate of recommended repairs. All day long we are held to high scrutiny. Whereas the Internet is completely unregulated, we are highly regulated by the city, state and county authorities.

Don’t count on us “adapting” to the new social networking, not just yet. We expect more credibility from the “rating companies”, before we start paying the latest Venture Capitalist wunderkind and their site.

So, although we may be in the rapidly evolving, high tech world of automotive, we’ll just have to keep on earning trust the “old school way”; one BMW or MINI client at a time.

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