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Steve Jobs, We Thank You.

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

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I think it’s fair to say, that it is a sad day in Cupertino. Just a few months ago, we were excited to see the vision of Steve Jobs new Apple campus (dubbed by the press as “the Spaceship”) come to life at our weekly City Council Meeting. Today he resigned as CEO.

According to his statement he believes that great days are ahead for Apple. We thank him for his contributions to Cupertino, the world and to our success in the community. We wish him peace as he transitions to another phase of his life. Bless you, Steve.

Apple makes Cupertino tick and it has for decades now. So much of what we love about this community is a direct result of the success of Apple. We expect that Tim Cook will be a wonderful CEO. He has taken Steve’s place throughout the medical leaves of absence and has been groomed if you will, as the successor.

Steve became the innovator of beautiful, elegant, intuitive products that changed the way hundreds of millions of us communicate and the way we live. He kept the customer, the user in mind and great things happened. Being a lover of good design in all forms, I still remember the excitement of opening that perfectly beautiful little box enveloping my perfectly beautiful 3GS like it was yesterday. (My gadget buddies may have difficulty imagining this, but it is true!) Of course, who can resist the Apple Stores and their great product displays and service. It’s time for a 4, another iPad,etc., the list goes on and on…ahhh.

Thanks Steve.

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