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Taking care of our future

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

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Once again, we are glad to be volunteering for the ASCCA Scholarship Award at DeAnza Automotive Tech Department. We have recently met some of these young people who are part of the program at our local Community College, and this is a great group of sharp, deserving young talent. This program has some great instructors, curricula, and equipment.

The current shortage of auto techs and of course, the “graying” of our industry are fact. As more and more vehicles are on the road every year, there are less people going into this industry, besides the fact that the most experienced techs are retiring.

More good auto tech students, will result in your continuing to have more choice when it comes to your BMW repair. More techs = more shops. We think that competition is a good thing and that can only happen with enough qualified techs.

The Auto Tech Department is a great place to donate a vehicle, also. We have sent them a few BMW’s over the years, but, any vehicle for them is a great find.

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