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Testimonials: The Driving Machine Customers

I was absolutely delighted with the service and repairs at The Driving Machine. You even made a difference with a few minor items, that I had not bothered to mention. I was pleasantly surprised.
B.Costa (San Jose, CA)

I am a Mini owner and recently saved over $1000 in repairs by going to the Driving Machine! They gave accurate estimates, were very prompt in making a service appointment as well as the service turn around. I am so happy with this company! Thank you again!
Janice (Los Gatos, CA)

Great place to take your MINI or your BMW. I called The Driving Machine before I bought my MINI just to be sure that they could help me with it, too. I trust them and have never been disappointed.
B.P.R. (San Francisco, CA)

I am on my fourth BMW with The Driving Machine! My beautiful red M5, a ’96 tii, a ’90 5 series, and a ’03 Touring with 150K+ miles on it. I depend on them to keep my BMW’s running perfectly. Very professional shop!
Dutch (East Bay, CA)

After getting my BMW serviced at The Driving Machine, it ran flawlessly! It feels like a new car and I could not be happier with their service.
Ms. Cindy B. (Willow Glen, CA)

This is my third BMW and I have always counted on the great staff at The Driving Machine to help me. They answer any question that I may have, and can fix any repair that my car needs.

Jim and Dave have really helped me to understand the importance of preventative care. I know they are priced reasonably, especially after those initial years of going to the dealership. I would not trust my BMW with anyone else!
Ms. Mary D. (Saratoga, CA)

I want to thank you for excellent service recently and for the last several years. You have kept my 1994 BMW 530i in like-new running condition and have displayed a unique orientation to the customer in your work with delivering excellence in service.

I gave up on dealer service years ago and have been extremely pleased with The Driving Machine. Unfortunately, it has become a rarity to find people of your caliber and dedication to the customer.

I hope you will continue to keep your high standards of workmanship while maintaining sincerity and dedication to serving your customers. Good work does not go unnoticed.
Doug (Atherton, CA)

I wanted to thank you for your time last Monday. I was impressed with your business and how well organized you are. You don’t see that very often! You are a credit to the Green Business program and have definitely earned the title!
Tracie (o.b.o. the City of Cupertino)

Excellent work, excellent service!
Dave (Los Gatos, CA)

The Driving Machine has taken care of me, for fourteen years, with excellence, included: to the maximum!

I must commute, 60 miles, each day, over Highway 17: (a severe concern, to my sons.) I reassure, my sons that The Driving Machine, will keep me safe and driving along, without worries.

The Driving Machine never lets me “out of the door,” without knowing that “all is safe.” Thanks, to the very honest and caring people at The Driving Machine!
Polly (Capitola, CA)