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What’s in a name? That which we call a mechanic

Written by maryp posted on Friday, April 4th, 2008

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Your BMW, the career path and automotive training for your “mechanic”, has changed in so many ways. This ever changing field even necessitated a new name for this educated person. One who is working with those multiple computer systems in your car, is now an Auto Technician. But, just when we think the old stereotype, “grease monkey” vision of the auto “mechanic” is passe, sadly it rears its ugly head.

Sometimes, it is a stereotype that is used in advertising. There was the DSL (radio) ad that disparaged an auto mechanic with old stereotypes. Making fun of someone in our industry, to sell more DSL. (Oh yeah, it was fun hearing that one 6 times a day in the shop)! Or you’re at a restaurant and overhear a Mother telling her friend, that her daughter is dating and “he’s just a mechanic”. At other times, it’s a stranger that you meet at a party or charitable event, who would never guess that you are “just a mechanic”. (Those tuxes hide a lot, don’t they)? Then there is the party where you are recognized. “For gosh sakes, my mechanic is here! Shouldn’t he be in the parking lot or something”? or, “I thought I was paying him too much!”

No, it’s not always intentional. But, for the great people doing this job, it can be discouraging. Yes, they are used to it. After all they have “thick skin” as well as those strong, hardened hands. The knowledge and desire to “fix things”, to make things move or work properly is what they do best. There is a special satisfaction to them to bring an engine back to life, or tweak the suspension enough to make a ride especially “sweet” for someone. That is a very special individual talent, but too often taken for granted and not always highly looked upon. (Until party guy’s Benz won’t start and now we are both, in the parking lot)!

Whether or not it’s an airplane, an ambulance, mass transit vehicle, or a life flight helicopter. Whether it’s your doctor’s BMW getting him to his appointments, the teachers car, or even the trucks delivering our food from the Central Valley to our Silicon Valley. Yes, your beautiful BMW, or your kid’s car. At one time or another, one of these vehicles, (and their operator), will need a mechanic or technician. After all they make the wheels of the world go round.

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