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Diesel Throttle Valve
Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

These parts are from the M57TD30 diesel engine in: 2009-13 E70 X5 XDrive 35d, 2004-10 E60 530d, 535d and 2005-13 E90 325d, 330d, 335d.
A Throttle Valve
A throttle valve is necessary for all diesel engines equipped with a particulate filter system. The throttle valve chokes the intake air to increase EGR air flow to ensure that the exhaust gas temperature is increased for the required regeneration of the particulate filter and smooth engine shut off.
This photo shows the seal failure on the throttle valve allowing oil vapors to enter and accumulate in the throttle valve housing and, over time, short the motor activation input circuit to ground. This turns on the Service Engine Soon light, and the system goes into failsafe …

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How many computers are in a car today?
Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

The number will vary with each car based on the electronic systems included in the car.
The average car has about 30 and some luxury cars may have as many as 100 of these microprocessor-controlled devices, known as electronic control units.
These units can have up to a 100 million lines of code, more than in some Jet fighters.
The one pictured today is similar to the one used in 2007-10 Mercedes Benz E-Series cars and is unique in the fact that the circuit board is folded 4 times to allow containment of all necessary circuitry and minimize required space. Your key and the ignition are very different than the ones used in years past.
Additionally it includes the Inductive charging ring to maintain …

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Mobile-friendly, new German car repairs and service website
Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

The Driving Machine launches its new, mobile-friendly website!

We’re happy to announce that our new website is up and running!
After feedback from our customers and web visitors, our goal was to create a website that is:

Easier to navigate
More visually appealing
More engaging

The new site is categorized by type of car, so, if you drive a Mercedes, for example, you can click on the Mercedes tab and you’ll see a description of services and the additional Mercedes-specific information in the left sidebar.

Reviews from our customers are easily accessible as well as the ability to submit a review (greatly appreciated!).
And, please join us on any of our social networks to read useful tips, catch up on industry news, or enjoy a funny cartoon!

Online appointments can be scheduled from any device or from …

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TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) Ignorance
Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Man showing son how he fills tire with air

It is SO very important to have the correct tire pressure to avoid potential overheat of the tire, and also for best gas mileage. Most drivers probably do not associate “overheat” with tires, but if the pressure is too low, the tire gets hot and actually can come off the wheel. If this happens at high speed, it can be a very dangerous situation for the driver, passengers and others sharing the road.

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Create your own car utopia with the Audi City
Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Technology is moving into the space that was usually taken up by a hard-sell salesperson. Customize your very own Audi and experience your perfect auto in a virtual space. The Audi City, as it has been named, features massive LED Screens, floor to ceiling screens referred to as power walls. Using a multi-touch table you configure your perfect car (currently 49 models) and then experience every aspect of an Audi in 1:1 scale via the power wall. Configure your perfect Audi then actually “open the doors and sit inside”, as you would at your local dealership.

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Will California consumers have any say in car connectivity? How much is too much?
Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Transparent image showing link between two people icons

About 18 months ago, NHTSA had just finished a tour of sorts around the U.S. to determine how much connectivity that consumers would accept in their vehicles.  California was amongst those stops and my question is: What did the data tell us about the desires of the vehicle owners?  Did they just want their music, their phones to be integrated?  How would they enjoy the automatic appointment notification (at their local dealership) when it was time for service?  Did they want Facebook, Twitter and full-on social integrations available on the dash?  What about the crash avoidance systems and even “self driving cars”?  Wow – that is taking the term “Connected Car” to another level!  The number of Connected Cars is …

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Everyday is “Earth Day” at The Driving Machine, a designated SCC Bay Area Green Business
Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Earth Day is coming soon. The Driving Machine offers tips.

It will be Earth Day soon, April 22nd. Have you thought about what you can do to make the environment better? Here are a few simple and easy ideas.
Sow some seeds and grow a tree.

Plant some drought resistant plants in your yard.
Put out some ladybugs in your garden and pull some weeds, rather than using an insecticide or herbacide.
Make a decision to eat local and eschew veggies and fruits that have traveled for thousands of miles from another continent.
Compost those veggie and fruit peels.
Always consolidate your errands so that you don’t have to be driving extra miles – better yet – walk or ride a bike to errands when possible.

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News from the Team
Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

Axel and Dutch at the dog show, Keeshounds

Axel continues to thrive in the competitive atmosphere and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead. But, for the past few months, the tales (pun intended) of Axel are somewhat less active these days as he takes a breather from dog show season. One of his and Dutch’s favorite things is to go to Carmel. There, they can strut their stuff on the sidewalks and stop traffic wherever they go. They have such a beautiful presence about them. Gorgeous dogs, they are! Loving care from Rick and his wife, Mary, guarantees Happy Dogs.

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Check Engine Light – Concern, Cause and Correction
Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Icon image of a mechanic fixing a car

You may not realize it, but there are over 600 items that could trigger your check engine light to illuminate. It can be a simple fix.  However, in some instances, it may also be complex to get to the cause and correction.
The mystery of diagnosing your check engine light is one that is not easily understood by many vehicle owners. The commercials running non-stop or popping up on your screen are not helping to educate anyone, either.

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Is Mercedes Taking Over? New Sales Trends Look Promising
Friday, February 14th, 2014

Image showing a man holding up a sales chart

Auto manufacturing is one of the most competitive industries worldwide, with a market comprising billions of dollars. As buying trends come and go, automotive companies are trying to stay ahead of the competition with innovative ideas and new technology.

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