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Will non-dealer service void my new car warranty?

No, it will not. Unfortunately, this is a misconception by many vehicle owners. There are protections by both the FTC and the Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975, that strictly prohibits manufacturers, (or dealers) from voiding your warranty when service is performed by a non-dealer.

BMW & MINI Repair Services: BMW Warranty

The Driving Machine is an independent Mercedes, BMW and MINI Cooper repair shop. Our specialists have the necessary tools and extensive Mercedes and BMW repair knowledge and experience to maintain your Mercedes, BMW or MINI to the highest standards.

Our Mercedes and BMW technicians will diagnose and explain why your car is having a problem. By maintaining your car, we will save you money on expensive emergency repair. No need to worry about your car – leave it to us.

Call us or make an appointment online. Your car will be running like new.

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