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Create your own car utopia with the Audi City
Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Technology is moving into the space that was usually taken up by a hard-sell salesperson. Customize your very own Audi and experience your perfect auto in a virtual space. The Audi City, as it has been named, features massive LED Screens, floor to ceiling screens referred to as power walls. Using a multi-touch table you configure your perfect car (currently 49 models) and then experience every aspect of an Audi in 1:1 scale via the power wall. Configure your perfect Audi then actually “open the doors and sit inside”, as you would at your local dealership.

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Recall – How Will You Know?
Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Don’t be confused. Sure, you are in a hurry and that envelope appears to be a BMW mailer. Did they send you another letter about a service special or a great lease rate? Oooopps no – it’s a recall!
Your Recall information can be found at, but usually you will receive a letter from the manufacturer. There will be a campaign number associated with the specific recall of your year and model. At that time you will want to take it back to the dealer for the fix. Assuming you did receive the letter, be sure to have it with you at the time you make your appointment.
It is important to keep all of …

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BMW Carbon Fiber Making Body Lighter
Monday, November 29th, 2010

Unless you are an owner of an upper high end car, such as a Lambo, Ferrari or Audi R8, you probably don’t have much experience with carbon fiber. If you own a plane, perhaps.
Carbon fiber technologies may be a part of BMW’s answer to the weight issue. (Yes, even cars have to go on a diet) BMW has committed to a carbon fiber body for the MegaCity electric vehicle for 2013. These lighter weight materials are going to be necessary to help offset weight of 96-cell lithium-ion battery packs and other electrical components that an EV requires. They are reported to weigh 50% less than steel but actually have superior strength. BMW …

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BMW Brilliant
Monday, November 30th, 2009

One of the challenges facing automakers around the world, is whether to use gasoline or diesel motors in their hybrids. As R & D budgets shrink throughout the car world, are there budgets to fully research new innovations?
BMW at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month, revealed their M sports car concept that features plug-in-full hybrid technology powered by a total of 3 sources. A 3 cylinder turbodiesel rear engine, along with a hybrid synchronous motor at the front, and a full hybrid motor at the rear, (positioned between the turbo diesel and the double clutch transmission). Advanced Brake Energy Regeneration is stored in 98 lithium polymer cells. A plug-in connection is used with a conventional …

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Quick tip: don’t kill your BMW
Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Do not steam clean the engine compartment of your modern BMW. We don’t care if you are trying to sell it and want to get top dollar! This could be like some sudden death syndrome to your BMW electronics.
Decades ago, it was not routine, but not uncommon for the engine compartment of most makes of cars to be steam cleaned for various reasons. Seals were not as good in those days and cars just had more minor drips and seeps going on. Well, that was eons ago. Needless to say, manufacturing processes, the proliferation of electronic systems, environmental responsibility and laws have changed everything in our industry.
So, save the steam cleaning for your sofa, …

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Clean fluids – pure power
Monday, October 12th, 2009

Fluids are the life blood of your BMW. That is why it is so important that you follow a regular maintenance program that includes checking, and flushing/exchanging the fluids when necessary.
For example, power steering fluid that is old and dirty, can actually damage the internal drive shaft in your power steering pump. You may even notice that your E46 is getting a little bit harder to steer at low speeds. Actually, if you get used to the gradual decrease in performance of your steering, you may not notice it. Then it could fail completely resulting your needing a new power steering pump, etc.. That’s one good reason to keep it clean.
Be sure that you are …

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New BMW X5d – hello, fuel efficient desel
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Just a few weeks ago, one of our guys that works here with us bought a new BMW X5d. It is a beautiful, great ride. After checking it out, I can’t see why anyone would not want one of these new diesels.
But, there is some concern that diesels may not be readily accepted in the U.S., due to the old conception that they are “smelly and loud”. Not anymore.
Fiat actually developed, but eventually sold the technology to the Robert Bosch company, decades ago, called Common Rail. This is the main technology that transformed those diesel autos of the 1980’s into what is now a cleaner, quiet, and fuel efficient vehicle.
The jury is still out, as to …

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BMW Battery – AVG or lead calcium; good to know
Friday, August 28th, 2009

The modern luxury car such as a BMW, is using a considerable amount of electrical current even when you are not driving. The need for environmental, safety, ABS, electric power steering, DSC, your NAV, (this is not the complete list of features). Then throw in a few creature comforts, and the electrical draw is pretty substantial. You can count on about 100 or so actuator motors that need electrical current, too.
In the later part of 2002, BMW, started using a type of battery commonly referred to as a “glass-mat” battery or AGM, (absorbent glass mat), in a few of the models. This battery is very different than the lead-calcium batteries.
They usually have a much longer life and …

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BMW cooling system: radiator, hoses, and maintenance
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Well it’s time to do some cooling system work on my beautiful BMW 540i. My spouse saw the tell tale spot of coolant/antifreeze on our garage floor. It looks like I have a hose that has developed a small leak. Of course, I will want to take care of it right away, before it blows when I am on the freeway.
Due to the age of my BMW and the mileage, it’s time to go through the entire system. I’ll probably replace all of the hoses, expansion tank and radiator at the same time. We’ll have to check the thermostat and the water pump too. In some situations, it can save some time and …

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Oil and batteries – mixing and changing
Saturday, August 8th, 2009

We know that in economic downturns, some owners will try a little DIY, on their BMW or MINI. Just remember to be responsible if you do decide to change that oil yourself. Used Oil and batteries must be handled appropriately, safely, and recycled.
Speaking of batteries; all batteries are not made equal. You don’t want to replace your BMW original or an Interstate Battery with a cheap version. Why not? Your voltage may be out of the designed specifications upon start-up, and this lower voltage may also affect your on board computer, (and not in a good way)! Due to the electrical demands of your modern BMW, you do not want to cheap out when …

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