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Topic: Smog

Consumer Assistance Program Numbers
Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

During the the first quarter of 2011, the CAP aka the Consumer Assistance Program, (related to the Smog Check program) retired over 12,310 vehicles. How many of these were old BMW’s, MINI’s or Mercedes, that could have been saved if only they had been cared for lovingly during its life? We’ll never know the answer to that one.

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Smog Check Failed? Do it right.
Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

You’re with group of co-workers, friends or family and lamenting that your BMW or MINI failed the smog test, when someone pipes up, (pun intended) “I know someone who can pass it for you”. OK. We know those people are out there. It sucks for all of us, especially the techs who are following the rules and regs of the program and doing the checks perfectly, (even if you don’t like the outcome).

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Smog Check – Get Test Results Before You Buy
Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

We call it “BMW Fever”. First glance and your eyes glaze over. It’s when all rationality and sense fly out the window when you see the “perfect” BMW. You are overcome with an emotional connection that totally defies logic and then you hand over your hard earned money to anyone who says to you, “No problem. Of course, this BMW will pass the smog check, just hand me the cash and I’ll hand you the pink slip”.
Seriously, buyer beware. In California, the SELLER is responsible for the BMW or MINI passing the Smog Test. The test is valid, (to you for registration) if they sell it to you within 90 days of passing.

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