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All parts are equal, but some parts are more equal than others

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008

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When was the last time you brought your own steak to a restaurant and asked, (or expected), the Chef to cook it for you?

The analogy is similar when it comes to your bringing in parts and your BMW repair facility. Believe me, it’s not that shop or technician doesn’t want to help you. It’s just that in past years what typically happens, is that the first part brought in by the customer is not the correct part, or it’s an inferior quality that doesn’t fit correctly. OK, then what happens? Well, you thought that it was the correct part! (By the way, there are only about 8,000 parts on your car) If the part is installed, then fails, now what? Was it the a failure of the part or was in not installed correctly? (These are the questions that will arise). And how much longer till the correct part is sourced by the customer and the process continues?

It’s is not a win-win for either the customer, the shop, or the tech who was trying his/her best to make it work and was getting frustrated in the process.

There was a more simple time in the automotive repair world, when this kind of transaction was not not unheard of. But, due to liability, warranty, counterfeit parts, the cost of operating a business, it is not a common practice in our area. And the last time I brought my own T-bone to the Chef at my local bistro……(it wasn’t pretty).

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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