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Big brother to the rescue – have your wallets ready

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

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If you have received your notice from the DMV and it’s time for a smog test for your BMW or other vehicle, you may want to do it within the next few days.

The new EVAP test, (mandated by our California Air Resources Board and implemented by the Bureau of Automotive Repair), is going into effect on December 1st, 2007. If you can get it done prior, it’s probably a good idea. As with any new state mandate or computer upgrade, the first few days can be “problematic”, shall we say. We expect a modest increase in the cost of the Smog Test at most shops, due to the new equipment that everyone had to purchase. Now, let’s just hope it cleans the air, before they mandate we stop wearing cologne, perfume, stop using scented candles, air fresheners in cars, etc.. Those fumes..they are everywhere!

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