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BMW repair – who’s fault is it?

Written by maryp posted on Monday, July 6th, 2009

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By driving your BMW, MINI or any other care, it is being “used up”. Parts will wear out, deteriorate, or just become less effective. Over time, critical components that are not replaced, can possibly result in serious damage to your car.

As members of industry groups, we know that there is a phrase that many quality auto techs or shop owners have to invoke silently every once in while. That is; “The last person to “touch” your car may NOT be the cause of the current failure.”

It is your car, and you drive it. Not trying to sound like a smart butt…, but come on. How can some owners not make the connection? Sure, it may be difficult to think rationally when you are facing an unwanted expense. But, please don’t shoot the messenger. (Is there any expense that’s wanted these days)?

A basic example: It is no different than your flipping a light switch and a bulb failing. After so many times of flipping that switch off, and then on again, (all the while reaping the benefits of the electric light), the bulb eventually wears out. You didn’t do anything wrong, you did not make it fail! It was just “time and use”. That bulb actually lasted a pretty long time and you enjoyed the beautiful light that it put out, for many months.

Some of that rational goes out the window when it comes to fixing the car… must be…it could have been…what did they do? It was fine until……

Enjoy the drive that only a BMW can give you, and just know that eventually it will be time again, for scheduled maintenance. And by the way, nobody “did it”. You’re just driving…..

BMW Repair Shop – we will keep you on the road.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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