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Born to fly and how not to get grounded

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, March 20th, 2008

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There are myths and facts that surround the earliest years of BMW and it’s connection to aviation. Of course there is the oft mentioned theory that the “badge” is reminiscent of an aircraft propeller.

Another idea is that the Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 are founded in with the idea in mind, that there are some items that must be “inspected”, and/or replaced, to keep you “flying” along in your BMW. Let’s face it, a pilot does not have the luxury of just pulling over to get out of traffic’s way, if a part should fail.

We do have some BMW clients in the field of aviation, (as pilots and technicians), who understand the importance of those Inspections. They understand that some items, especially those made of the plastic composites, will eventually fail. We don’t want to condemn a part that has not failed, yet, it may be in your best interest for us to monitor, (together), those items that will need to be replaced. For some items, it is just a matter of time. Your being pro-active can save you time and frustration.

So, when it’s time to get those Inspections for your BMW, remember that the purpose is to keep you “flying” along. Flying along as only you can, in your beautiful BMW! Ahhh enjoy the ride.

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