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Buy new or used? – That is the question!

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

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The cost of vehicle ownership calculation charts and information, are all over the internet. There are sites such as, and another, that show the complete story as to how much it costs to own a brand new BMW or any other car. From what we have seen, most of them are basing their information on a 5 year ownership scenario.

Even with the “zero maintenance costs” in those first 2 – 4 years of your BMW, the cost over a five year period of almost any new BMW is pretty hefty, (depending on the weight of your wallet.) So if you are trying to decide whether to fix the current BMW you are driving or buy a new one, check out one of these sites. We saw the (5 year) cost of ownership numbers as low as $66K for a 328i series and up to $146+ for a 760Li. Obviously, there are a few variables such as calculating gasoline costs, etc.. But, overall, these sites will give you some place to start calculating this potential cost of ownership, and perhaps help you with your decision.

Some BMW buyers forgo the early depreciation costs and opt for a pre-owned vehicle. Just remember, always get the car checked out by a BMW professional before you purchase. The less surprises, the better.

In our experience, it seems to us that most of our clients keep their BMWs for about 10-15 years on average. So, if you know your BMW and love your BMW, keep in mind that after that first 5 years of ownership, those next 5 years will be less costly to own your BMW, and the next 5 even less. Happy Motoring!

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