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Deconstructing A.C.

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2008

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Did you know that all repair shops that work on motor vehicle air conditioners, are subject to Section 609, of the Clean Air Act?

The Clean Air Act encompasses much more than air conditioning, obviously, but in the case of auto repair, it requires both an approved tech, training and equipment. Avoiding refrigerants being released into the air is one of the main goals. Recycle and recovery of approved refrigerants is another.

“Approved” refrigerants is the operative word, here. Do not use some “stuff” in a can that promises to make your A.C. cooler. Strange as it may seem, these products are available to purchase in our State, but when they are identified as being in your A.C. system, you now have a new problem. That’s because they are not an “approved” refrigerant. (Go figure)!

Did you also realize that under the California Business and Professional code, that all air conditioning “service”, diagnosis, or performance check, must include over 16 specific procedures? It also includes inspection of over 30 different components or areas! This is a great thing for the consumer and was mandated to give you a level of consistency. We do hope that you are getting what your BMW deserves. If you see an advertisement for some really low cost A.C. service, you may be getting something “cheap”. But, that does not mean that it is being done properly, lawfully or with regard to the environment.

Stay cool!

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