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Ejector seat? You’re joking! (Bond to Q)

Written by maryp posted on Friday, July 11th, 2008

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As a member of SAE, (Society of Automotive Engineers), we are looking forward to some of the comments from the Convergence 2008, (Transportation Electronics Conference), that will be held next fall in Detroit. The Vehicle Electronic Industry will specifically be addressed and the focus is: “Does this meet the customers needs?”

As more and more electrical goodies are added to the newest vehicles, the need for increased intuitiveness, and less distraction while driving, are going to be serious questions that need to be answered. It’s great that the car manufacturers around the world are looking at these issues to develop what you, your friends and family will need, (and want) in the future.

The future of electronics in your BMW is going to be so awesome. It’s already awesome! (No snickers from the iDrive set, please).

Happy Motoring!

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