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Fixing your BMW – do you really want to do it yourself?

Written by maryp posted on Monday, December 29th, 2008

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We would like to commend some guys, (and so far it’s only guys that we’ve run across) that do a little research and then attempt to replace some major component(s) for their BMW. But, from what we are experiencing, they jump head first into something only after reading some forum or other “junk” on-line. Now, they have a larger problem.

Unless you have the BMW specific information, (from the source), BMW diagnostic tools or BMW special tools, don’t go there. When reading the “junk” on-line that is telling you how “easy it is”, keep in mind that you may not getting the full story. We have seen some instances of companies out there that have absolutely no credibility. But, what they might have, (produce or have produced) is an inferior product for some sucker to buy, cheap. Of course, every one is into “cheap” these days, so that sounds good. Cheap and easy. Life is good, heh?

How much have you saved, when your BMW is now worse since you read some on-line stuff and installed a “part” that came from where, for what? What to do? Without the accurate diagnosis, you have to guess whether or not the fix is correct. Did you have the BMW specific information, tools, the correct specs, etc., to run the tests, yourself?

Your guess is just that. A guess. We have seen people buy stuff on-line, and in some cases, even do a fair job of installation, but now the car just has another problem. Maybe your BMW didn’t need the “on-line” part in the first place? Perhaps. Maybe the easy part was truly installing the part, but in the process, something else is now affected. Now what? Who gets to start over with this one?

Please, (no offense intended), but don’t quit your day job. We wouldn’t try yours for a day. Let’s return the favor. Your BMW will thank you.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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