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How not to get hosed

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2007

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Keep in mind, (especially on those V8’s), that BMW’s have a lot of hoses. You may need to replace 10-15 vs. only 4 on an American made V8. This is something to remember when it’s time to start replacing those, and the time will come. There is usually some brownish discoloration on the hoses, but keep in mind that they actually deteriorate from the inside. So, sometimes, you may be looking for cracks or striations and not see much on the exterior of the hose. We rarely see hoses look brittle on a car that is still being driven, (they have already popped off or blown apart by then)! However, they can feel spongy, depending on the age of the hose and where it’s located in the system.

If your coolant mixture is old or not the correct composition, your hoses will be breaking down prematurely. Your shop should be using specific testing methods to determine if it’s time for your system to be flushed.

So, for the good health of your hoses, be sure that you are following the recommendations for the cooling system flush and getting your coolant checked properly. Following proper maintenance procedures will extend the useful life of your car’s components. But, then you knew that already!

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2 responses to “How not to get hosed”

  1. james says:

    is it a “must” that one uses only “BMW” coolant? what i’ve read, phosphates and hard water are not good for BMWs and i’ve seen adds for so called “universal” one size fits all coolants (Peak and Zerex if i remember correctly.) do these universal coolants’ claims that they can be mixed with any kind of coolant hold any water so to speak? (sorry about the lame pum.)

  2. The Driving Machine Team says:

    James, you are asking some very good questions. However, it is not a simple answer. It will depend on your specific year and engine model of BMW, whether or not you can deviate from the BMW coolant.

    The “coolant world”, has gotten pretty complicated. It is our understanding that some of the coolant formulas advertised as “universal”, may not meet original equipment manufacturer’s requirements, (OEM). It is very important to understand the different formulations and the specific situations in which a generic coolant can be used without adverse ramifications. It is also our understanding that Phosphates are not used, by most, if not all of the European manufacturers.

    Always use a high quality, low mineral, water in all systems. But, in the newer high efficiency cooling systems, you should use filtered or purified, “de-mineralized water”.

    If you mix 2 types of coolant, the results is going to be a mixture that is lacking in the correct percentages of the specific compounds needed to protect your engine, the plastics, or hoses. Don’t do this, no matter what the ads say.

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