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Jiffy Lube damaging engines while “flushing” them

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

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One of the unfortunate situations that has taken place at Jiffy Lubes in Southern California, is the process of “engine flushes”. It appears that there was, (until 2 weeks ago), an incentive in place for some of those shops to sell “engine flushes”. We did see the report on a local L.A. news channel and it was pretty scathing. Now, there have been hundreds of complaints to the Bureau of Automotive Repair and damaged engines. As one who takes pride in our industry, this was very, very sad to see.

Reality check: Regarding one of those “jiffy/quicky” lubes in our area, our oil service is only a few dollars higher priced than theirs for BMW. They used an oil that was inferior (cheaper) than what we use. Their windshield wipers were more expensive than ours, also. Yet, they do have a huge, huge advertising budget and a national presence that is telling people how inexpensive they are! So much for those great deals at the the quicky lube places.

Another reality check: When you wait for about 24 months without doing anything to your BMW, (other than putting in gas and driving it), don’t be surprised that you may need a lot of items taken care of. When that happens, your perception is that it’s expensive to fix your BMW, (because it seems like it all happened at once). But, in reality it’s been happening mile after mile……

Perception is not always reality, (really).

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