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Keeping an eye on the prices

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

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The worlds costs are going up and the automotive industry is facing unprecedented price increases. In first 6 months of 2008, one example, sulfuric acid that is used in batteries has seen a price increase of 227%! The costs of other components in your battery, as well as manufacturing costs has dramatically increased by 75%. The fact that every component or fluid, (besides water), in your vehicle is touched by or is a byproduct of petroleum, does not bode well for an industry trying to keep costs under control. Tires companies are facing huge increases, also. But, realistically, when you think about everything that your BMW, or MINI does for you and your life, the cost of maintaining your vehicle is one of the most economical things going.

Most of us are pretty dependent on our daily drivers. BMW’s to get you and your loved ones to a graduation, to a pre-natal unit at the hospital, to school on a daily basis, or just out to dinner on a Friday night. It takes you to a business deal, a new job interview or your child’s soccer game. It allows us to feel free and energized during that exhilarating drive up or down the Pacific Coast, I-280, or just on the way to work. Remember, get your BMW or MINI checked out and Happy Motoring!

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