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MINI E – charging forward

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2009

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Since the last posting about the MINI E, the excitement continues. It is generating, (pun intended) a lot of excitement in the automotive world. And don’t we need some excitement in the automotive world, now! This is a fully electric powered car, (not a hybrid) and the range of 150 miles before needing a charge, is fantastic. It is a two seater, (the lithium-ion battery is using what was formerly, rear seating). But, the U.S. is only getting 50 out of 500, and those are being leased to a select people in Southern California, New York and New Jersey. It’s our understanding that the drive components and the battery are going to be produced in Germany, with the main production being in England. In case you are wondering about the other 450 MINI E’s? They will probably be seen on the Autobahn.

We’ve seen conflicting reports on the battery charging time, but who cares. It’s only a matter of time that Coulomb Technologies, has “ChargePoint Network” systems all over the Golden State, and beyond. San Jose and San Francisco already have implemented Coulomb’s “smartlet” charging stations for the convenience of owners of hybrids and electric cars. Plug in while you are at the office and away you go!

Don’t you love that huge “electrical outlet” graphic on the MINI E? Very cool.

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