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Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

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According to the national figures from the Better Business Bureau, the largest number of complaints by consumers in 2009 was regarding cell phones, cable companies, and service plans, (that makes it number 1). What is nice to see, is that Auto Service and Repair is all the way down to number 10 on that list. Yeah. That is good news for our industry and also, you the consumer.

As more and more States take actions to regulate the repair facilities across the country, the industry has at minimum improve how it communicates with customers. In recent history there were/are some States, that did not require written estimates for consumers! We can remember going to a national training session and meeting shop owners from Texas, many who were still doing business without a written estimates and only a handshake. That may have worked in a different time and era, when your daily driver had about 1/5 of the parts that it now compromises. That was prior to the sophisticated piece of machinery that is now your modern BMW, with multiple millions of code and computers.

Maybe there are less complaints, because there are less of the untrained, uneducated and/or incompetent actually performing work on your automobile? Maybe because this business has become more and more difficult and expensive to operate? Maybe all of the above.

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