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More tire wisdom

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

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In a previous post I discussed the importance of checking your tires on a monthly basis or prior to a road trip. I actually saw a tire on a 330i that was worn down to the “cord” on the inside edge and was bulging. It just happened to be driving directly in front of me on my way home and it was visible to me when stopped, at the signal light. This is a potentially dangerous situation, especially at a higher speed. This tire will eventually go completely flat, and it will happen virtually in an instant.

That is why it is so important to get your BMW to a professional specialty shop, get the car on a lift and the tires inspected regularly. Your tire tread depth should be measured and wear monitored. By the way, this type of excessive tire wear on the inside edge does not happen “instantly”, but over time. They probably had an “alignment situation” for some time and now need both, tires and an alignment! (So much for saving money and foregoing the alignment)

If you were walking around that vehicle, (just taking in that cute body shape or admiring the color or interior), you would probably not see that severe wear. This is where the relationship with your favorite shop comes in. Call and ask to have your tires checked, or stop by, even if it’s “last minute”. They should be happy to oblige, checking for any nails, measuring tread depth and checking all pressures.


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