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Our children are our future drivers

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

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Street Survival LogoThere was a time when your kids learned to drive at their high school, (Drivers Education) Program. Since those days are behind us, where are kids going to get the proper knowledge about driving. Not just driving, but especially, driving Dad or Mom’s beautiful BMW? Think about it. Those “20 somethings”, (on the fast road to wherever), that just cut a little too close in front of your BMW, may have missed out on some good drivers education in their early driving years. (Thank you BMW brakes!)

The Tire Rack partnered with the BMW Car Club Foundation about 5 years ago. One of their collaborations was to develop a program called, “Street Survival”. It’s geared to teach proper driving, handling skills, and teach some skills that will encourage responsibility on the road for our teens. Check it out.

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