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Written by maryp posted on Friday, May 2nd, 2008

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It is so cool that your gas pedal in your later model BMW is “drive by wire”. This is just one of the many electronically controlled functions that has made your car a big ole computer rolling down the road. It wasn’t too long ago that your gas pedal was connected by metal cable, and prior to that, it was levers and rods.

In most of the later model cars, (not just BMW) the entire vehicle systems are networked through CAN bus and high speed fiber optical networks. We recently had a client who was sure he had a transmission problem, and he was very concerned that it was failing. Yes, it felt like a transmission problem, but…..

Happily, we determined that it was not his transmission. It was related to a malfunction in a brake light switch, (no fault code), that was sending false operating signals to the DME and the transmission control unit, (EGS). This was great news! Brake light switch vs. tranny $$$.

So, back to these networked systems……you may think that a seat belt tensioner has nothing to do with your fuel pump, but in the case of your late model BMW, you would be incorrect. (We’ll cover more on this topic in a future post) Happy Friday!

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