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Parts are not created equal – know what you are getting

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, May 16th, 2009

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From what we have seen, there is a difference,(s) in an automotive part that is marketed to be sold specifically at a discount store, vs. commercially at an independent auto repair shop or dealership. It’s great marketing that allows a company to sell items both to DIY market, as well as the repair industry and the manufacturers. Just realize that, and understand that you are getting what you pay for.

Some years ago, I even experienced this while doing some remodeling at home. I had complained to my electrician that the recessed lights were just too expensive, because I could get the same ones at the huge Home fix it-yourself store, much cheaper. The lighting fixtures had the same exact brand name and logo on the box. This guy wasn’t going to take advantage of me! I wasn’t born yesterday, etc…(you know how it goes).

Let’s get each of the boxes and take a look. He then took the time to show me both lights and how different they really were. Lifting the units I could feel the weight difference. Then he showed me the difference in material thickness. One dented and scratched very easily and the other did not. There were clips and technical differences that were going to affect the functionality and the installation time. How could this be? The same brand name was on 2 boxes, and the lights were exactly the same size and look. But, comparison showed exactly why one was less expensive than the other! Either one would do a job. But the cheaper product in comparison was just that. I wanted durability, functionality, quality and I did not want to be futzing with this ever again. Yes, it was obvious. These two lights were manufactured with the same brand name, but “unequal” for 2 specific target markets.

Great marketing. Just remember, that’s what it is.

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