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Penny-wise, pound-foolish tip of the day

Written by maryp posted on Monday, April 7th, 2008

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To get the most for your dollar when it comes to your BMW or MINI, it is in your best interest to find an independent service facility, (rather than a dealership), that you trust to get all of your work taken care of. Really? Please, don’t jump to conclusions and think that is a “self serving” comment by us. Let’s look at an example:

You go to 3 different shops over the course of about 19 months. You are having failures of “wear and tear” items that are being replaced “piece by piece” and are now covered, (or not covered) under 3 different warranties. But, now, you are at the 4th shop, (trying to save a few dollars), and need diagnosis and a check out. It just so happens that you need to return to 2 of the shops, because you have a few items that still covered by “them”. Of course, you don’t want to pay to have something replaced, when it’s should still be under warranty. Besides, now you are paying for the diagnosis. You are also looking at returning to 2 different shops and hoping that each one will have parts and labor warrantied and that they won’t charge you to “install”.

The above scenario just cost you more money than if you stayed with one shop. If you are going to a single, quality shop for all of your needs, your car should be getting monitored in several ways. There should be a computerized, detailed record of your repair orders, with records of any previous testing and of course, the parts and part numbers of all that was replaced. A quality BMW or MINI shop should also be happy to re-check any of their work. Always ask if your warranty is not only for “parts”, but “parts and labor”.

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