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Taxing autorepair is back on the table

Written by maryp posted on Monday, November 10th, 2008

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Well, we have told you about this for over a year, and it is about to become a fact that we will all have to deal with.

Yesterday, citing the 11 billion dollar shortfall in the State Budget, the Governor has called for taxing auto repair! We know that clients do not want increased prices when it comes to auto repair. We are talking another 8.25% tax increase in your repair, just in our county alone. When our economy was motoring along fine, this may not have been a big issue. But, at this point in time?

This tax has received very limited support in the past, but as we all realize, the State is in dire straits. Last year, an economic census that was very, very detailed had to be submitted by all auto repair shops. It appeared the State was gathering data looking for numbers to support this tax. So, yes, they have the numbers to support this. What they don’t have, is how many jobs are going to be eliminated. Yes, that will happen when people just won’t pay the price, or just won’t have the money to get their autos repaired.

Let your voice be heard on this one. It is easy to contact our Governor, at the State of CA website. This may be the last time that we have the opportunity to contact the Governor about this, before we all get something that we don’t want. Now, if you do want to pay taxes on auto repair? Well, that’s fine and we’ll be very glad to see you when you stop by.

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