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Thank you, Big Brother CARB, for watching over our tires

Written by maryp posted on Monday, March 16th, 2009

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On March 26th a public hearing in Sacramento will be held to consider adoption of the Proposed Regulation, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles Operating with Underinflated Tires”. This is a 101 page regulation, that is going to educate people about the importance of having your tires inflated to the correct psi.. Secondly, it will require all thousands of auto repair, dealerships, and smog stations in California to check the tire pressures and record the information.

They also want to regulate that your tires get “officially” checked for correct psi 2 times a YEAR. Only 2 times a year? Everyone should be checking their tires every few weeks as recommended by your manufacturer. BMW recommends every 2 weeks.

While some states already have comprehensive, required safety inspections of vehicles that does include tire pressures, from CARB viewpoint it’s all about the greenhouse gases, and nothing else. The good news is that if everyones tires were inflated to the correct pressure, there is a savings in gasoline usage. That is assuming that you are getting your BMW, MINI, (or other car) maintained. For example, your tires may be inflated properly, but if your air filter is clogged, plugs worn, etc., the tire pressure “mandate”, may not be saving fuel, (ooops….I mean the greenhouse gases, I mean the earth….)

Since we have been doing these checks, and recording them for over 27 years, do we get any “greeny points” for that? (Probably not). They want all shops to have the correct pressure gauges, and a manual. Most good shops already use those items.

Wasn’t it during the last campaign season that one of the candidates proposed that everyone have their tire pressures inflated to the correct psi ? Wow, that seems like so many laws ago…..But, anything to get people to pay attention to the basics regarding their daily driver, is a probably a good thing.

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