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The safe and the invisible: intelligent chain reaction

Written by maryp posted on Monday, May 5th, 2008

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We are sure that at least a few times over the weekend, you were pondering that question: What does my seat belt tensioner have to do with my later model BMW’s fuel pump? We briefly covered air bag operations in a previous post, and you may remember the part about the sensors readings that will eventually activate the 2nd stage of your seat belt, (pulling you closer to the back of the seat). Well, that seat belt tensioner’s activation, (via one of the various Satellite modules) will trigger the fuel pump and your battery to disconnect, shutting them down. In other words, stop gas flow, and electrical charge, when necessary. Gotta love these computers!

It’s just another awesome safety feature that is invisible. Really, you aren’t supposed to think about it, and hope you never need it. This is part of the ISIS, (Intelligent Safety Integration System). The above is one, abbreviated and simple explanation, of a very complex set of systems that is your beautiful BMW.

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