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Valve stems recall? Not on our watch!

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

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A very important note. The rubber valve stems that we use at our company, (and have used for decades), are made in Germany and are NOT part of the recall of valve stems that are affecting consumers across the U.S..

Don’t think you have to be concerned about this problem because you drive a BMW? Tire valve stems are replaced routinely as tires are replaced or repaired. For that reason, there is an estimation by some accounts, that there could be 30 million faulty valve stems on tires in the U.S.. Rubber valve stems produced in China and subsequently sold on cars of many different makes and models, have been failing prematurely. NHTSA has issued a recall for some newer Ford vehicles and also asking consumers to report problems with cracking, leaking or failed tires stems.

If you have TPMS or run-flat tires, always have a qualified technician check your valve stems for you. But, otherwise, check the valve stems at the same time you check your tires. First look for any cracks at, or on the stems. Bend them back and spray a solution of soapy water around them, to determine if there is a leak. If there is any air escaping, you will see bubbles. Of course, your local BMW or MINI technician should be glad to check these for you.

Don’t know about you but, I am losing air! May this be the last tire related post for a while….hsssss.

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