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Virtual car repair works only on your virtual car

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

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Gotta love technology. The Internet is full of amazing, great and sometimes, overwhelming information. You can find out whether or not that weird looking, squiggly thingy that you spotted in your garden is eating your plants or eating spiders. How to build a cabinet? There is every kind of food information, exciting recipes available, how to do this or that. What are BMW chassis numbers? What was that glowing orb in the night sky last night? Where is the hottest restaurant in the City, today? What is a Serif? It’s all there for the whole world.

Whether you want it or not. Whether it’s factual or not. There appear to be no regulations, (if you don’t have a brick and mortar establishment). There are very few enforceable rules, no self policing, no responsibility, (except to a few V.C.’s), and remember, no taxes! (Ahhhhhh all of those would make our life a little easier)

Well, now there is a website that will diagnose your car, via e-mail for a price. Mmmm…. Let’s think about that one, realistically.

Is a good BMW shop going to use your “on-line” diagnosis? That is probably not going to happen for several reasons. Let’s say a part is replaced that was recommended by your “on-line” mechanic. It turns out, that does not solve the problem. Now what? Do you e-mail again and pay again? Who pays for that part, because that wasn’t the problem? Who pays for the next part to be installed? Since your local BMW shop owner/technician is responsible for their own work, they are going to need to do their own diagnosis. Now you are paying, twice. Where’s the good deal? And they are trying to protect you from being “ripped-off”? Pleasssssssseeeeee.

Accurate specifications, measurements, proof of failure, and verifiable facts. That is what your modern BMW or MINI repair shop is dealing with. Not guesswork by “on-line” diagnosis.

The only way to get a true accurate estimate before your repair, is to take it to a reputable shop for an estimate. You authorize specific work, for a specific price. This is the only legal, (and ethical), way to do auto repair business in our State. Yes, sometimes one thing leads to another. After all, there are only about 8000 parts on your BMW, (and you have been enjoying that ride for how many miles?)

As far as asking a question for a price, well, we’ve been answering BMW owners questions as a courtesy for many, many years. Whether or not, they ever walk through that front door, or ever authorize a repair. Now, just try doing that with your doctor…or your latest on-line mechanic.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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