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Warranty – an obstacle course you paid for

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2008

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We just reviewed a particular “warranty service contract” for a client’s BMW and it was clear to us, that it was just not worth the cost.

It did not cover any major components, such as the transmission or engine. What we have seen, is that is why people are interested in these “insurance” contracts in the first place. Another requirement to keep the warranty coverage, was an oil change at every 4K miles. First of all, most people using the synthetic oils are not going to do this. Each time you had the oil change they demanded that the invoice copies be sent to them! They want invoices before you actually use the contract! Let’s see….now if you don’t follow those rules exactly…they won’t honor your claim.

Just another reminder. Read those warranty contracts and the little bitty print very carefully.

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