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Written by maryp posted on Monday, February 25th, 2008

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Just when you thought you had it all figured out about your oil changes and maintenance, the Department of California Integrated Waste Management has decided to “help” you. The new website, (January 2008), is ““. This is an effort to decrease the amount of oil that is NOT being recycled. They are telling us that only 59% of the oil used in vehicles in the state is being recycled. Where is the other 41% going? And why is not more being recycled? Isn’t that the real question here, and what can we all do about it?

This is a new campaign advising vehicle owners that they don’t need to change their oil every 3K miles, and that it is just a “myth”.Our experience has shown us, that it is not “one size fits all” when it comes to your oil changes.

There is some good information on the site about the new advances in the synthetic oils, and it’s very true. And yes, your later model vehicles do have extended maintenance schedules. But, the site neglects any information regarding the filters that really need to be changed, (even if you have a newer car and driving habits that allow you to safely extend your oil changes).

They list predominantly American cars, produced 2000-2007 and the recommended oil change intervals.But, remember that:1). Not all cars on the road in our beautiful State are using synthetic oils.2). Most older cars still need that 3K oil change. (The median age of vehicles in U.S. is 9 years)3.) Your individual driving habits need to be part of your plan when determining your oil services.

And please, don’t tell our clients who have perfectly clean BMW’s with 300-400K miles that it’s a “myth”. These are high mileage BMW’s that are passing our CA “Test Only Smog Checks” and get great mileage per gallon of gas. That original engine is going strong because of those 3K oil and filter changes. Confused? Has anyone else, (in our State government) considered, that this outreach program seems to be in conflict with the latest energy saving legislation, which is mandating that shops check the tire pressure at the time of oil changes? If more people decide to take their advice, cars will be getting checked out even less than they are now! And we know that a poorly maintained vehicle is not as “clean” at the tail pipe and uses more gasoline. (Go figure) The huge disclaimer at the bottom of the home page, tells it all. They are not in the Automotive Repair Business.

To get the most out of your investment in your vehicle, always follow, at minimum, your manufacturers scheduled maintenance program. Go to a BMW professional shop that can help you extend not just your oil changes, but the life of your vehicle.

The Driving Machine is a Santa Clara County Green Business and our fluids are recycled. Are yours?

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