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What’s really wrong, Doc?

Written by maryp posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

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Most of our clients understand the value of diagnostics when it comes to their BMW. In some situations with your BMW, it is the only way to verify and get to the heart of the problem.

For some people, it’s not easy to understand the value of a “running diagnostic tree”, when it comes to their car. Sometimes, it is someone who is so sure they know exactly what is wrong with their car, (because their friends car did the same thing or it happened to them in their old beater), so why can’t we just start replacing parts and fix it? Because they told us what was wrong, we should not bother with the diagnostics?

Think about it. Would you walk into your doctors office and insist they remove your appendix because you read about it online, and now, you are sure that’s what it is? And they should not charge for the visit, because, you told them what it was! (Mmmm don’t think that would happen) Oops, it turned out that the appendix wasn’t the problem, but another abdomen part! (Now what)?

Even though your BMW is almost as complicated as your body, not all situations even require running a diagnostic. But, when it does, expect that you will pay a reasonable fee at a top quality shop. Keep in mind, you are not just paying for someone to “look at my car”. You should be paying for BMW experience, BMW diagnostic tools and a very experienced and certified technician.

Cheers! to good health for you and your BMW.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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