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You take the bait, they make a switch, the BAR reels them in

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, September 13th, 2008

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“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair in July ’08, brought some very serious charges against one group of (franchise owned), muffler/brake shops. There were 22 in all and they were advertising some really low prices for brakes that sounded great. After 3 years of undercover investigation, BAR has charged them with various violations of the Automobile Repair Act, including deceptive advertising practices. The low price for brakes was advertised as a way to get people in, and then entice them into more costly transactions. BAR believes that there was no intention of selling the lowest priced brakes. The company will be fined and money will be returned to the consumers.

Both Federal Trade Commission and BAR consider it deceptive to offer a specific higher price for a short period of time, then next week advertise a lower price, (or Free), to “suck you in”. One example; the advertisement may make the claim that is it “valued at $300, or regularly priced $300”. In some cases, it was actually never, ever offered at that purported higher price! But, it is positioned that way to make it look like a great deal. (Great deal alright, …..great deal of scam….)

No doubt, we all want the best prices in whatever we are buying. But, no one wants to fall for some scammy ad “special” that looks to good to be true.

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