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German Car Services:  Electrical Diagnostics

You were just told that you may have “an intermittent failure”. What does that mean to you? The first test showed that everything is good! And a week later, it’s testing “failed”. How can that be?

It is possible that an electrical unit may be testing fine, (within specs), one day, but, tested an hour later, the next day or perhaps, 10 days later, it fails. It may fail under identical conditions or not. When you have an electrical component with an intermittent failure, it can be one of the most frustrating issues with your Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes (or any car).

A good German luxury car tech should not just be changing parts or guessing what is causing a problem, and should not condemn an electrical part until it is proven that that part has failed. A client would never be happy with that situation and it’s just not good automotive repair practice. That’s why tests and diagnostics are a must.

The first step in Electrical Diagnosis is to ask about “who, what, where, when and why,” of the symptom. One example as follows:  “My son was driving the BMW, and now we have an indicator light on. It happened after he filled the tank.” See, you fill in the “who”, “what” and the “where and when”, and we will advise you (after the diagnosis) of the “why”.

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Our expert technicians will diagnose and explain why your car is having a problem. By maintaining your car, we will save you money on expensive emergency repair. No need to worry about your car – leave it to us.

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