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German Car Repair Services: Engine Maintenance

A “Free Maintenance” program is misleading. It sounds convenient when maintenance is free and infrequent. However, every German luxury car has to be maintained to keep them in ultimate driving condition. Following proper maintenance procedures will extend the useful life of your car’s components.

If you are not going to keep your car very long, well, that may work for you. But, if you are planning on keeping your new car for the high mileage and great driving experience that they are known for, you may want to be especially attentive to scheduled maintenance intervals on your new car. Some of our customers prefer to do more frequent services if they have owned German cars in the past.

There have been numerous studies that have detailed the cost factors of “maintenance vs. repair”. Maintenance is less expensive than “repair”. To get the most out of your investment in your vehicle, always follow, at minimum, your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance program. Go to a German car services professional shop that can help you extend not just your oil changes, but the life of your vehicle.

Leave your repair services to us – trustworthy and reliable, independent German luxury car technicians. Our specialists have the necessary tools and extensive repair knowledge and experience to maintain your car to the highest standards.

Our services include scheduled maintenance, alignments, oil services, suspension work, Inspection I and II, electrical diagnostics, programming and re-coding, and more.