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BMW Attempts to Build the World’s Best Electric Car for Cities

Written by gabriels posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

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Image Source:  Green Car Reports-Oct 21 2013As other car manufacturers raced to be the first to come out with a 100 percent electric car, one manufacturer, BMW, was notably absent from the fray. However, the automobile giant now has made it clear that it not only has been designing a car that will be fully electric but also will be the best electric city car on the market.

Green Car Reports had the opportunity to drive the BMW i3 and said that it was well worth the wait. While it may not directly compete with the Model S or the Volt, it does fill a niche that needed to be filled—providing an electric car that was comfortable to drive in stop-and-go conditions.

BMW Took the Existing Electric Car Model and Perfected It

While Tesla focused on dominating the luxury electric car market and Chevy designed the Volt to provide the best range, BMW was working toward providing drivability. The i3’s range verges on 90 miles and the car will have an optional range extender that will provide an unknown amount of extra miles.

True to form, BMW came up with a distinct design that is full of class. For a small vehicle, the interior feels spacious. There is considerable space between the seats and the frame itself is fairly wide for its length, making for a roomy interior.

The wood accents are made of eucalyptus and are not glossy, preserving a modern aesthetic. The i3 also makes use of free-floating displays that keep the dash low.

The i3 is the first battery-powered car that does not waste effort mimicking the feeling of a combustion engine—the car is noiseless and does not fake any transmission shifting.

The i3 Will Be One of the Best German Cars of 2014

The i3 does not disappoint in other areas of modern car design, either. It accelerates quickly and quietly. Its regenerative braking allows it to decelerate quickly enough that most of its driving is one-pedal driving. In short, the pedal feedback has been much refined since the ActiveE test fleet.

German car enthusiasts will still need to wait until 2014 to get their hands on the i3. In the meantime, you can always transform your old BMW or Mercedes into tip-top performance by bringing it into the Driving Machine!

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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