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Cooling System tests – failure is not an option

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, May 14th, 2009

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The purpose of pressure testing a cooling system after a repair is for one reason only. It is to be sure that the coolant system is operating properly and that there are no leaks. It is not to cause more failures. Will something else fail, on a system that is only 4 years old? It is possible. Is there a weak or marginal component? It’s either find out now, or when you are on your way to an important meeting driving up I-280.

Hoses, water pumps, expansion tanks and even your radiator and cap are being highly stressed and subject to extreme heat while driving. A pressure test in the shop setting is not even close to what your BMW cooling system undergoes on the freeway!

In an earlier post, I explained the purpose of using BMW original anti-freeze/coolant. An incorrect mix of H2o and anti-freeze or the incorrect product can exacerbate failure of the cooling system components. Failure of cooling system components happen over time and use. But, pressure testing will not “cause or create” a failure in the cooling system. The pressure testing may “detect” a failure. No more, no less.

So what is one to do? Do we replace one hose, skip the pressure test and “hope” that the repair holds? Well, if you are trying this at home with one of your buddies and like to take chances, go right ahead. But, there is only one way to this correctly. That is pressure test the cooling system by trained, experienced technicians who know how to do it, using the appropriate test equipment.

Just a reminder; that combination of decreased emissions and increased horsepower, has exacerbated the extreme heat going on under the hood. Let’s face it, didn’t you want a clean car that went fast?

The Driving Machine – we deliver better performance.

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