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Dream racing. No, for real!

Written by maryp posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2008

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Sorry to leave everyone wondering why there were no posts for a week or so. We were at the Monaco Gran Prix, where BMW driver Robert Kubica took 2nd place to Hamilton and the McLaren Mercedes, with Massa driving a Ferrari trailing in third place. (OK, just kidding about being there!) It’s a dream to make it to the Monaco Gran Prix one of these days. But for now, the current technology on the Speed channel gave us thrills as never before. This was a heart stopping, exciting 2 hours of racing full of strategy and speed on both wet and eventually, barely damp, track. Due to rain slowing the event somewhat, they did not race the full 78 laps, but were short by just a few. You could almost feel and hear every shift on that rain soaked course via the power of satellite TV. Those cameras mounted in the Formula One vehicles are awesome for giving one the best possible experience without living the experience.

Some of my Lexus lovin’ buddies may be surprised that BMW’s Kubica went 25 laps before making his first pit stop. In that kind of race it’s a great test of BMW reliability. Some reports mentioned that BMW’s pit crew is so efficient that Ferrari actually had someone film the BMW crew so as to dissect how they did it! Great competition lives on. Formula One Racing and BMW continue to give us the most thrilling experiences, not just today, but everyday in our BMW’s.

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