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National Car Care Month at The Driving Machine

Written by maryp posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

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Wow. That one hour can really make a difference. The working day here seemed to be over so quickly due to the time change. I heard some medical sleep specialist this morning reminding us that we could be a little cranky today due to our body clocks being out of whack.

Well, no cranky people here today! We had lots of clients stopping in and taking advantage of the green treats that we will have all week. We are getting a jump on St. Paddy’s and also national Car Care Month, which begins in April 1.

There is nothing better than keeping your BMW or MINI well maintained to get the very best miles per gallon. Speaking of gas savings, we have spied just a few of the X5 Hybrids and Active Hybrid 7 series around town. Very beautiful, but very expensive, (we know that expensive is relative – but $102K for a new 7 is not an average price tag for a car). OK. It’s not just any car. It is a BMW.

Remember, in CA we need to keep our lights turned on if we are using our windshield wipers. Today was a perfect example of light showers in our area and overcast, and the law says to keep those lights on, if your wipers are turned on.

Enjoy the road, but avoid a ticket!

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