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German Car Repair Services: Alignments

Alignment Problems?

German luxury cars have very specific parameters for their alignments. Unfortunately, as owners try to cut corners by looking for a cheap alignment, they are probably not getting their moneys worth. A proper alignment takes a bit longer and is going to cost more than some advertised big box special. German car manufacturers specify that the vehicles be “weighted”. It calls for weights to be put in the front and rear cabins. It is very important for the alignments to be done properly. Otherwise, there will be uneven tire wear, minimum.

Come to The Driving Machine to get the best value for your alignment, and have it done to its exacting specifications. Make an appointment!

The Driving Machine is an independent Audi, BMW, MINI Cooper, Mercedes, Porsche and Volkswagen repair shop. Our specialists have the necessary tools and extensive repair knowledge and experience to maintain your German luxury car to the highest standards.

Our BMW technicians will diagnose and explain why your car is having a problem. By maintaining your car, we will save you money on expensive emergency repair. No need to worry about your car – leave it to us.

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