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FYI – They are at it again!

Written by maryp posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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There is a bill being considered that will most assuredly affect your future collision, (body shop) repair. It’s called H.R.3059, written by Zoe Lofgren D.-Ca, and it is being called the “Access to Repair Parts Act.”

That name makes it sound consumer friendly doesn’t it? But, the real intent and the real ramifications may prove otherwise if this law is enacted.

It basically negates patent law regarding automobile parts if the “copied” part is for used for cosmetic purposes. In other words, a producer of unlicensed automotive parts does not have to meet any quality, product safety or durability tests. The only requirement is that the “repair part” look similar!

This law will deny an inventor or a car manufacturer the ability to protect their intellectual property. The property that the car manufacturers spent millions on Research, Design, and Development and product safety testing.

Ahhh…the bad possibilities are endless. For example; just wait until a car gets repaired with a “knock-off” upholstery that sickens everyone in the car. But, hey, it “looked” just like the Original Equipment. Who gets to decide whether it’s just a cosmetic part? A side panel that is a copy, made of a lesser grade of steel?

Let’s take a guess what Lobbyists are pushing this one? Who benefits from this? Could it be the Insurance Companies? A politician or two? Oh, let’s guess. “Our insurance rates will go down….” Is anyone else getting tired of that old line?

At this point, it is in the House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary. It’s not too late to find out more about this and contact your Representative. You might even think it’s a good idea. Either way, you might want to make your voice heard.

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