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Auto Mechanic Jobs – Girl Power

Written by maryp posted on Sunday, June 27th, 2010

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In many ways the modern BMW auto tech job is somewhat similar to that of an IT person. In earlier days of electronics in BMW’s, the information between a few control units was through signal lines that were individually dedicated. Eventually, the wiring harnesses became pretty large as the electronics grew, and grew so did the BMW wiring harness. If you have seen those completely exposed during repair, you know we are talking miles of wires. It became necessary to go to a bus networking system.

So now you have the possibility of some 60 control modules, (depending on your BMW or MINI model) reading input from the hundreds of sensors, processing that data and then sending the output to your individual BMW’s components. This is beautiful, but, if a problem is indicated, electrical diagnostics is necessary. The only heavy lifting here has to to with the brain. Why not more female techs?

Jim was invited to the local Automotive Technology Department’s, graduation yesterday at DeAnza College. There were of course the 70 students, the President, Department head, and the very dedicated teachers. The former Chancellor Martha Kanter, who is now in D.C. serving the President as the Under Secretary of Education, spoke for a few minutes about the continued need for advanced education in the trades. (We agree, as the number of experienced geezers putting away the tools is almost epidemic)!

So we are happy to report, that one of the noticeable differences over the last few years, is finally a few more female graduates in the 3 year Auto Technology Program. Congratulations to all of the DeAnza Automotive Technology grads, and especially to those who earned scholarship for their achievements. Go Girls!

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