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Permission to feel like a jet pilot granted

Written by maryp posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2008

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You may be familiar with the “heads up” displays on some of the later model BMW’s and also the Cadillac STS, (also similar to a fighter jet). This small display on the windshield allows a driver to see speed and/or radio station without looking down. Our current vehicle windshields could be radically changed within the next 10-20 years.

There has been research going on for some time, to develop combinations of lasers, sensors, cameras, and glass coatings, to enhance what is happening on the road, via these “space age” windshields. For example a person in the drivers path or an animal could be “enhanced” on the windshield. The technology to make this happen involves GPS, (to determine the position of the vehicle), as well as infrared sensors to detect head and eye movement so the enhanced image on the windshield would not be blurry or skewed.

There is also the possibility that the edge of the road could be enhanced and displayed on the windshield in the event of heavy fog. How about during a heavy snow? That would be awesome. Ahhh just in time for the aging eyes of those Baby Boomers.

Technology. It is a beautiful thing.

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