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Quick look at 2009 7 Series BMW

Written by maryp posted on Saturday, April 4th, 2009

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By now some of you BMW lovers out there may have seen or test driven the new redesigned 2009 7 Series at the showroom. Besides being gorgeous, it is a technological wonder in so many ways….where to start?

A driving experience that combines both luxury, sportiness, but yet comfort? Yes, yes and yes! The driver can activate a 1 of 4 settings, (comfort, normal, sport and sport +) at the touch of a button, (and away we go)!

Dynamic Damper Control technology from BMW allows the above. (Too complicated and engineer-like to explain in this blog) Another aspect of the superior, precision vehicle handling and response is possible due to new Flexray high-speed protocol, (that is reported to be 20 times faster than conventional) sending data from 16 different control units, (of various systems, such as DDC and DSC) to the chassis management controller. Faster communications = faster vehicle response.

Integral Active Steering, is an option that is available for even better agility, and comfort especially for rear seated passengers. This involves an electric motor that turns the rear wheels 3 degrees max (turning opposite direction at low speed), and same direction at high speed. At a higher rate of speed a change of direction can be completed quickly without increase in the vehicle yaw rate. (Finally, could this be the cure for motion sickness)?

The 7 has lost some pounds! Depending on the specific model, it’s also about 121 lbs., (55kg) lighter in weight. A larger proportion of aluminum was used not only in suspension components, but also major body components.

iDrive has been tweaked to improve ituitiveness, (no complaints here). Enchanced night vision technology, heads-up technology, voice control, (the technology goes on and on) ….and your choice of 2 different gasoline engines, as well as a diesel version. Sweet.

0.00 avg. rating (0% score) - 0 votes

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